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International Career Course

Course term: 2 yearsBegins in April each year
Prerequisite: Japanese level around N2 or better

Learn [Advanced Japanese × Practical Business Skills]
and "hit the ground running" with a globally-minded Japanese employer

This course furnishes practical business skills and a mastery of advanced Japanese to students aiming for employment in Japan. The advanced curriculum imparts an understanding of the peculiarities of Japanese business culture, teaches business manners and cross-cultural communication skills, and cultivates a level of Japanese proficiency that is sought after by Japanese companies.

Attainment Goals

Work for a Japanese company, in Japan or at an overseas branch
Pass BJT J1
Pass JLPT N1
Pass Word & Excel Skill Tests (Joho Shori Gino Kentei Shiken)


Lectures by industry professionals

Business people and entrepreneurs currently engaged in industry, as well as foreigners working at Japanese companies, lecture on themes such as the skills necessary to work for a Japanese company and the traits desired in foreign employees. In addition, the market research class exposes students to a breadth of business knowledge in a variety of fields.

Classes that furnish practical skills

Classes include preparation and strategies for passing the JLPT N1, the BJT (Business Japanese Proficiency Test) and the PJC (Practical Japanese Communication) Exam, while during the second year, students present results from their coursework at a Conference. Overall, the concentrated original curriculum trains individuals aiming for international careers so they can "hit the ground running," already understanding the business mind of Japanese companies and the essence of multicultural working life.

Comprehensive job-placement support system

FFLC will support you throughout your job search with advice and coaching as you write your resume, prepare for interviews, and prepare to take the SPI. Students aiming for employment with a Japanese company can consult with a specialist regarding visa issues and will be supported from every angle.

Employment offers received and exams passed by FFLC students/recent graduates

Offers of employment

  • イフジ産業株式会社
  • 株式会社アイ・エイ
  • 株式会社アクティバル
  • 株式会社アコモストラテジックマネジメント
  • 株式会社アスパーク
  • 株式会社アルサグループ
  • 株式会社ヴィンテージ・ジャパン
  • 株式会社H&I Management
  • 株式会社エムアンドエム
  • 株式会社ORJ
  • 株式会社オニマル
  • 株式会社オンデーズ
  • 株式会社サンケイプランニング
  • 株式会社佐勇
  • 株式会社ジール
  • 株式会社ジョブパレ
  • 株式会社ステップス
  • 株式会社テンポイント
  • 株式会社ニッシンコーポレーション
  • 株式会社ニップス
  • 株式会社南西楽園リゾート
  • 株式会社ビッグパル
  • 株式会社福岡日本語学校
  • 株式会社フジデリカ
  • 株式会社藤家
  • 株式会社フランソア
  • 株式会社プライムデリカ
  • 株式会社豊食
  • 株式会社マツモトキヨシ九州販売
  • 株式会社マネジメントリサーチ
  • 株式会社山本商店
  • 国際航空旅客サービス株式会社
  • ファウンテンデリ株式会社
  • 有限会社ひらお(天麩羅ひらお)

Exams passed

  • JLPT N1
  • JLPT N2
  • Spreadsheet Skills Test, Pre-1st grade (Joho Shori Gino Kentei Shiken)
  • Spreadsheet Skills Test, 2nd grade (Joho Shori Gino Kentei Shiken)
  • Spreadsheet Skills Test, Pre-2nd grade (Joho Shori Gino Kentei Shiken)
  • PC Speed Qualification Exam for English Text, 1st grade
  • PC Speed Qualification Exam for English Text, 2nd grade
  • PJC (Practical Japanese Communication) Exam
  • Business Skills Test for Global Human Resources (G-ken), 2nd grade


Business professionals are invited to attend this conference where FFLC students present results, in Japanese, from their coursework: Business plans, issue analyses/resolutions, etc.

Each student conducts an investigation, analyzes the results and prepares a presentation in PowerPoint, developing a theme chosen during his/her coursework. The Conference is attended by business people in a variety of management roles, from Fukuoka and around the region, who represent numerous industries. Each presentation is followed by Q&A during which presenters have to "think on their feet" and trial their Japanese input/output ability.


Year 1 Term 1 Example Schedule

Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri.
1st class
90 min
Career Design Introduction to Commerce PC Communication Skills English
2st class
90 min
Market Research JLPT
PC Business Japanese
3rd class
50 min
Logical Thinking PJC*
SPI Preparation Business Contracts

Year 2 Term 1 Example Schedule

Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri.
1st class
90 min
Management Strategy Planning PJC*
PC English
2st class
90 min
Market Research JLPT
(Problem Based Learning)
3rd class
50 min
Introductory International Relations Risk Management SPI Preparation English Special Lecture Translation of Documents
* Practical Japanese Communication Exam