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International Cultural Department
<For International Students>
Advanced Study 1-Year Course

Course term: 1 yearBegins in April each year
Prerequisite: Japanese level around N2 or better

Prepare for admission to a national/public university,
prominent private university or graduate school in 1 year

This course is for students wishing to concentrate for 1 year to improve their Japanese proficiency while preparing for admission to a national/public university, prominent private university or graduate school.

Attainment Goals

Admission to a national/public university or prominent private university
Pass JLPT N1
Attain an EJU Japanese score of 350 or higher


Classes available for each proficiency level

Classes are available for a range of proficiency levels in a variety of subjects including Japanese, English and mathematics, so you can further your studies at a level appropriate for you. For each particular career path, we provide precise and thorough career counseling. In addition to the particular instructor assigned to advise you, you will also have access to the rich expertise of the entire faculty who are devoted to supporting your education.

Guidance counseling for graduate school

Besides classes in subjects like Japanese and English, 2 hours of class time each week are devoted to graduate school-related topics such as the investigation of research themes and guidance for approaching universities and writing research proposals. Guidance appropriate for each student's situation is provided.

Complete set of elective subjects

Studying for EJU subject tests on your own can be dreadful. At FFLC, you can take classes in any of the humanities and science/math subjects tested on the EJU. Each subject is offered at introductory as well as more advanced levels, so even students lacking confidence in a particular subject can make progress one step at a time.

Employment offers received and exams passed by FFLC students/recent graduates

Offers of admission received by FFLC students/recent graduates

<Graduate schools>
Kyushu University
University of Kitakyushu
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Seinan Gakuin University
Nakamura Gakuen University
Kyushu Sangyo University
Fukuoka Institute of Technology
<National/public universities (undergraduate admission)>
Ehime University
Oita University
Saga University
Nagasaki University
Fukuoka Women's University
Nagoya Institute of Technology
University of Kitakyushu
<Private universities (undergraduate admission)>
Aoyama Gakuin University
J. F. Oberlin University
Osaka University of Tourism
Kwassui Women's University
Kanagawa University
Kyushu Sangyo University
Kyushu Institute of Information Sciences
Kurume University
Kobe University of Welfare
Kokushikan University
Shiseikan Hall University
Shobi University
Sojo University
Teikyo University
Tokai University
Tokyo University of Social Welfare
Nagasaki International University
Nakamura Gakuen University
Nagoya University of Economics
Japan University of Economics
Fukuoka Institute of Technology
Fukuoka Jo Gakuin University
Fukuoka University
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
Koran Women's Junior College
Nishi-Nippon Junior College


Term 1 Example Schedule

Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri.
1st class
90 min
Advanced Japanese English Elective chosen from grad school preparatory, humanities or science/math subjects Advanced Japanese N2文法
2st class
90 min
EJU* Preparation N1 Grammar Elective chosen from grad school preparatory, humanities or science/math subjects N1 Drills Essay Writing & Debate
3rd class
50 min
EJU* Vocabulary N1 Vocabulary EJU* Listening & Skimming N1 Vocabulary Formal Conversation
* Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students