For International Students in Japan

For International Students in Japan

Fukuoka Foreign Language College began accepting international students in 2003. Currently, approximately 450 international students from over 30 countries enroll annually in three departments at FFLC (6 courses/programs).
Holding to our mission of providing education that enables graduates to assume truly active roles in society around the world, we teach English to Japanese students and Japanese to international students. While concentrating on language education, FFLC students also learn international manners, culture and liberal arts.
Whether your post-graduation plan is to attend a university in Japan, find employment in Japan or overseas, work in a start-up, or something else, we will provide academic and career counseling tailored to your plan. At FFLC, you will find a congenial atmosphere that nurtures individuality, and your studies will be backed-up by a comprehensive support system.

The Merits of FFLC

  • Both Japanese and international students attend

    At FFLC, Japanese as well as international students from over 30 countries learn together on the same campus. In your daily life, you can experience Japanese culture while refining your language and communication skills.

  • A variety of student and community-exchange events

    Taking full advantage of the international environment, FFLC provides students with numerous opportunities to interact, with each other at College events and with local people during volunteer activities and other events. Language skills and sociality are cultivated while having fun.

  • Substantial language support

    Staff who speak English, Chinese, Bengali, Hindi, Korean and Mongolian are standing by to assist you at the College. You can contact them anytime, whenever you have a problem.

  • Cordial support and guidance for certification and entrance exam preparation

    As you master Japanese, our instructors will also guide you heartily as you prepare for career-boosting certification exams or the EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students).

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